Quality & Certifications

STS Service & Tools – STS Group The manufacturing excellence is the primary objective of STS, pursued during every stage of production, because anycoating or regeneration treatment of tools is effective only if carried out with maximum precision.

The aim of STS is to provide innovative and highly specialized services for the reconditioning of tools, to preserve and enhance their quality. The tools regeneration and repair processes fix the instruments and gives them new life and greater wear resistance.

When it comes to tools with a very limited dimensional tolerance, precision becomes the absolute requirement, considering also that the treated tool will have to resist to high temperatures, high pressure and sometimes abrasive or corrosive actions.

Dimensional checks are carried out on each tool using advanced equipments that, thanks to digital cameras, are able to automatically detect the dimension in any part of the tool, allowing to obtain only high precision results.

The considerable technological instrumentation available in the three centres STS it allows to use great machinery, responsible for the exceptional quality of coatings, but it allows also the company to offer a fast, flexible and customized service to the market.

Customer satisfaction is another major objective for STS and it is accessible only by pursuing the important parameter of the highest certified quality.

The competence and the technological advancement of STS are recognized and certified: