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Everything we do is the result of our valuable collaboration with prestigious user partners. Over the years, our PVD and DLC coatings have highlighted their enormous potential in many industries and synergy has never stopped playing a fundamental role in obtaining maximum mutual benefit.


It all started in Italy in Cellatica, at the foot of the Brescia Pre-Alps

Our ambition was to create an innovative service center specialized in thin microfilm coatings, generated with PVD (Physical Vapor deposition) technology.



We begin our activity in the field of PVD coatings

Commitment and determination lead us to the first favorable results, which will inspire us to undertake new initiatives.


We launch our internal heat treatment activity

The need for integrated solutions leads us to implement our heat treatment service.


We open a second service center in Bologna

We start the business of gear hobs sharpening and coating. We also become part of the IMC group.


We begin the development of HDP (High Density Plasma) technology

We focus on this advanced technology to market increasingly effective coatings.


We launch our new coatings dedicated to the molding industry (metal forming, die casting, plastics processing)

At the same time, we start our polishing finishing service, in order to carry out increasingly complex processes.


We purchase our first PaCVD (Plasma assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition) facility

An important milestone in the field of materials engineering: this new innovative technique allows the deposition of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coatings with incredible precision.


We build our first PaCVD facility for DLC coatings

We begin our strategic R&D activity in the field of PVD and PaCVD coating deposition technologies.


We build our own HDP (High Density Plasma) facilities with advanced technology

We continue to build strong relationships with our user partners and grow our business.


We strengthen our industrial asset with a new operative center in Cellatica (BS)

We become an independent company again.



We launch our new business unit in the field of decorative PVD coatings

We capitalize on our technical know-how to offer a high quality color range: PVD GOLD, BRONZE, BLUE, SILVER and BLACK.


We start the construction of a second operative center in Cellatica

Following the growing market demand we invest to expand our production capacity and improve our services.

Infinite solutions for multiple applications.

Each industry, with its own needs, requires maximum specificity. We are the partner who can provide you with high-tech solutions, functional to any type of need.

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Green technology

Make your choice meaningful. Minimize your impact. By relying on our PVD and PaCVD process engineering, you can choose from the most eco-sustainable coatings. Are you looking for a truly green coating solution?

Find out why our technology is “green”