Medical Technology

The coatings for the medical applications are used in two broad areas: equipment/instruments and prosthesis. The fundamental peculiarity of a coating intended for the medical sector is the biocompatibility, linked to the UNI EN ISO 10993, according to which STS coatings are certified being suitable for medical use because of ceramic nature, non-cytotoxic. The coatings designed for the equipment/instruments sector concern all that medical equipment which come in contact with the person locally and not for a long time. It is therefore regarding coatings for instruments for the orthopedic sector, the dental sector , the technical orthodontic sector and the anesthetic sector , thus : scalpel, cutting blades, anesthesia cannulas with special characteristics of eco-visibility (easily sliding, biocompatibility and electrical insulation), tools for orthodontics (cutters, drills and reamers) . Among all the qualities of a coating intended for equipment/instruments in the medical sector there must be:

  • Biocompatibility
  • Bacteria-static
  • Wear resistance
  • Cut Resistance
  • Chromaticity (color is very much used in the operating room to distinguish equipment/instruments of different sizes)