In the racing sector the purpose of coatings coincides with the search for maximum performance.

In this sector, the need of the coating can result from a thorough study for the development of a coating, then the study and development of a project for the coating of a specific component, on the basis of scientific data .In other cases the need for a coating is more extemporaneous because it serves to solve a problem that occurred in the competition: STS is flexible and also skilled in providing coatings “Just in Time” to solve a problem that, for example, can occur during a performance in difficult conditions from the corrosion point of view . In the racing sector a greater number of components is coated than it is in the automotive sector because the investment to get more performance is greater: injectors, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, rods, crankshafts, gears of the engine and valves to reduce friction and maximize performance, while containing consumption.