Conditions for a Good Coating

Choice of materials and heat treatments

The choice of steel and its heat treatments are very important to use in the best way the unique characteristics of coatings. The coating in fact, can be considered as a thin and tough sheet that surrounds, protects and insulates the steel underneath. At the same time, the coating must be able to count on good support by the substrate to form a winning combination.

Conditions of surfaces to be covered

In order to allow a proper deposition of coatings on the surfaces involved, you must follow some precautions:

  • The details should always be demagnetized
  • Surfaces to be coated must be free from process waste (burr, white blanket, etc.).
  • The coolant holes must be free of caps

Preparation and cleaning of surfaces

Ultrasonic Cleaning: parts to be coated are carefully degreased and cleaned in a sophisticated washing multi-tub line and with the help of powerful ultrasound. Degassing: It is a fundamental step to better prepare those special grooves and holes for refrigeration. It runs in special ovens that carry the details close to the PVD process temperature and in vacuum conditions. This process of preparation is essential for the removal of impurities present in small holes and cracks that might otherwise give rise to adhesion problems during the coating cycle. Micro-blasting: is performed when necessary with the aid of glass beads to remove surface oxidation principles.