Combining elements such as Aluminum, Chromium and Nitrogen is obtained a compound which reveals excellent values of hardness and wear resistance even when exposed to high temperatures.

By means of the PVD technology it is possible to bind these elements in thin layers to obtain the structure of AlCrN (Aluminum Chrome Nitride) that for its intrinsic characteristics finds wide application in the field of tooling for chip removal machining.

STS, as a result of further development, has been able to refine the configuration of AlCrN.

In fact, thanks to a new and sophisticated deposition process it has been possible to develop this layer renamed CRONAL and now able to express its full potential.

CRONAL proves to be a very flexible coating and its excellent structural toughness as well as its ability to adhere to the substrate with very strong ties, make it a formidable wear barrier.

The peculiar characteristics of the elements that compose CRONAL also confer an extraordinary thermal stability which raises considerably the point of oxidation of the layer allowing its use even at very high temperatures (1000 ┬░ C).

This means that, although not disdaining the use of lubrocoolant, CRONAL expresses itself at its best in dry machining.