Decorative PVD coatings

Win the challenges that the future holds for you. Our decorative PVD coatings highlight the engineering, manufacturing and operational qualities of your product. Vision and technologies come together in an innovative aesthetic concept with minimal environmental impact.

The elegant power of PVD and how to exercise it. Express pure beauty.

From PVD gold to PVD black, from bronze to silver, glossy or matt, our Design collection offers an exclusive range of elegant and resistant colors and finishes.

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Technical data


Ti, Cr, Zr, C, N, O

Deposition technology

PVD (Physical vapour deposition)


0.8 – 2 µm


1500 /2500 HV

Salt spray resistance

1500 hours

Deposition temperature

30°C – 150°C

Colour range









EN 1935*

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PVD Gold, the precious colour symbol of success and wealth

Gold sparkles and makes you dream. It embodies eternity, beauty, success and wealth. It is the most often associated colour with champions because it recalls victorious achievements.
Ranging from the lightest shades of yellow gold PVD to the most intense pink gold PVD, our gold PVD treatments suit all tastes and result in exciting creations in design, architecture and fashion.

You know you can offer an experience that is as functional as it is beautiful. But we have other good reasons why you will love our decorative coatings.

You know you can offer an experience both functional and beautiful. We have other great reasons why you will love our decorative coatings.

Increased resistance to wear and deterioration

Thanks to their hardness. our decorative PVD coatings highlight the style and the aesthetic of your component and protect it against the stresses of wear and deterioration.

Protection from scratches, bumps, humidity, thermal shocks, UV rays

Interior and exterior design accessories take full advantage of the anti-wear, anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion properties of our coatings.

Increased resistance to chemical agents such as solvents, acids and alkalis

PVD coatings are a type of decorative coatings that can be used to increase a material’s resistance to chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkalis.

Bio-compatible, aseptic, hypoallergenic and suitable for food contact

PVD coatings have the great advantage of being bio-compatible, aseptic, hypoallergenic and suitable for use in the food and medical fields. They are widely used in the cutlery and dentistry sectors.

*Black Gun, Bronze, Chrome, Copper Flame, Gold Darkness, Gold Honey, Grey Darkness and Rose Gold are perfectly suitable for food contact and certified according to the European standard EN 1935. Certificates are available on request.

Eco-friendly, thanks to the vacuum deposition technology

We use a clean technology, with no water consumption and no emissions. An advantage that explains why PVD coatings are increasingly requested to replace more polluting techniques in common use.

No limits to the choice of materials

PVD coatings are versatile and can be deposited on all types of materials, from metal to plastic, from ceramic to glass. They give color while maintaining the state of the surface unchanged and appreciable, which must therefore be prepared appropriately.

Green technology

Make your choice meaningful. Minimize your impact.
By relying on our PVD process engineering, you can choose from the most eco-sustainable coatings. Are you looking for a “green” coating solution?

Find out why our technology is “green”

The new Design collection offers truly innovative solutions

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