PVD and DLC coatings for Aerospace and Defense

Designed for the toughest situations, your aerospace and defense components can count on world-class workmanship: innovative, low environmental impact coatings that improve performance without compromise.

Main benefits

Extreme resistance to abrasion and sliding

Our range of PVD and PaCVD (DLC) coatings, such as Double Carbon, has been developed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of hardness, corrosion resistance and antifriction properties.

Performance in adverse or unusual conditions

Thanks to their tribological characteristics, our surface treatments give your components the guarantee of performance for prolonged use in adverse conditions (extreme abrasion, prolonged maintenance of the friction coefficient) or under unusual conditions (e.g. in vacuum or in particular atmospheres). This aspect is fundamental both for the transport of people and for space equipment.

Green technology

The aeronautical industry is the most demanding in terms of quality, safety standards and environmental standards. Our high efficiency and very low environmental impact vacuum treatments are increasingly required to replace more polluting methods.

Surprising, advanced. These are the solutions that improve the performance and lifespan of your components.


The coatings we produce for the aeronautical industry meet the most demanding requirements in terms of reducing friction and wear. They are mainly used for power transmission, activation and distribution systems. They protect against seizure and lengthen maintenance cycles.

Space equipment

It is precisely in the space industry that some PVD coatings were born, such as Molybdenum Disulfide or MOVIC which carries out its self-lubricating characteristics in the absence of humidity. Our treatments protect and extend the life of wear and movement components even in extreme conditions, for example in the opening and closing systems of reflective screens. There is no doubt that this booming economy will give birth to numerous new applications.


PVD and DLC coatings play an important role in the armaments industry. They improve the performance and aesthetics of many components. We coat movement and wear components with DLC as well as aesthetic components in PVD Gold, PVD Black, PVD Bronze or PVD Chrome..

Why an STS coating?

In addition to the development of innovative and customized solutions, our experience allows us to manage complex projects and procedures required by your industry.

We are committed to providing the highest possible level of service. You can count on our competence, know-how and experience.

Green technology

Make your choice meaningful. Minimize your impact. By relying on our PVD and PaCVD (DLC) engineering process, you can choose from the most eco-sustainable coatings. Are you looking for a truly green coating solution?

Discover why our technology is “green”