MOVIC is a self-lubricating and anti-adhesive coating based on MoS2 ( Molybdenum Disulphide ), and is produced with PVD Magnetron Sputtering technology.
Developed in aerospace from the need to find an alternative to traditional lubricants (eg. oil, grease) when their use is not permitted, revealed excellent tribological properties that have made him, as a result, very interesting for a variety of application fields.


  • Monophase amorphous self-lubricating coating based on MoS2.
  • “Soft”coating with a very low coefficient of friction (friction coefficient in dry air <0.05).
  • Coating monolayer that can be combined with any hard coating.
  • Functional coating thickness <0.5 microns.
  • Deposition temperature <150 °C.
  • Traces of soft wear, lubricants (“Fail-safe” behavior, that is no abrasive particles are created by the wear of the coating).
  • Great running-in on rough surfaces (the coating becomes smoother during the running-in).
  • Positive transfer of the lubricant film on the body and contact.
  • MOVIC can be easily re -coated. If necessary the removal is easily achievable.


To understand the mechanism of sliding, you have to think about the crystal structure of molybdenum disulphide, which is the basis of MOVIC.

As can be seen in the illustrations below, the structure of the MoS2 is similar to that of graphite, with sliding planes that are oriented in the direction of the stress, thus creating a lubricating effect.

Basic Composition Deposition Technology Microhardness (HV 0.05) Coefficient of friction against 100 Cr 6 μm thickness (microns) Deposition Temperature (°C) Max Temperature of use (max ° C) Colour
MoS2 Magnetron Sputtering - 0,1 1 <100 180 Grey