PLC stands for Polymer Like Carbon and is classified as Me-DLC.

It is a Carbon based coating containing doping metal ele- ments and non, in which the carbon is hybridized in both sp2 sp3 in variable percentages and dependent on deposition factors.

PLC is a hydrophobic monolayer coating with thickness of 1 micron and with a hardness of about 1500 HV.

It is possible to deposit this coating at temperatures ranging from 140 °C to 480 °C depending on the characteristics of the material on which it must be reported.

The coefficient of friction of 0.1 value makes this coating a great anti-friction and anti-seizure solution.

It is combinable and superposable with any other STS PVD coating exalting the characteristics of each of them.

It is applicable on all Steels, on Titanium, on Copper and their alloys.

The use of PLC is very appreciated in areas such as auto- matic machines where the mechanical parts are subject to friction, and in the automotive sector.

Basic Composition Coating Structure Microhardness (HV 0.05) Coefficient of friction against 100 Cr 6 μm thickness (microns) Deposition Temperature (°C) Max Temperature of use (max ° C) Colour
Carbon Monolayer 1.500 0,1 1 140 - 480 300 Dark Grey