PVD and DLC coatings for Molds

Coated with the sophisticated STS anti-wear and anti-friction technology, your molds are the advanced expression of a qualitative and efficient production.

Increased life time, reduced cycle times and reduced maintenance. With a PVD coating for high quality molds, you respond to a double intent: reduce industrial costs and improve productivity.

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We provide you with advanced technologies, with which you can obtain decisive results:

Increased resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear

High hardness, chemical inertia and low friction coefficient are the three properties of our PVD and DLC  coatings that help reduce abrasion and sticking phenomena.

Increased resistance to corrosion and oxidation

Composition and chemical inertia are the two qualities that allow PVD treatments to protect the mold from corrosion and oxidation phenomena, especially at high temperatures.

Reduction of the mold release force

Our low-friction solutions improve detachment and extraction of printed material.

Easier to clean

Thanks to their chemical inertia, our coatings facilitate maintenance given the ease with which it is possible to remove residues.

Reduction of maintenance costs

Molds and tools are expensive: their lifetime increases significantly when coated. This, together with the reduction of maintenance frequencies, increases productivity and reduces unit costs.

Advanced technology

Our coatings for molds are deposited using the HDP (High Density Plasma) technology

Thanks to the High Plasma Density, HDP technology favors the deposition of a layer well adhered to the substrate, very compact and almost free from defects (droplets). The coating thickness is then managed according to your specific needs.

Green technology

Make your choice meaningful. Minimize your impact.
By relying on our PVD and PaCVD process engineering, you can choose from the most eco-sustainable coatings. Are you looking for a “green” coating solution?

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