Coatings for plastic and rubber molding

The molding of plastic materials refers to massive productions, where the molds and in particular the steel play a very delicate role in order to grasp the double objective of high product quality and cost effectiveness of the process.
Our solutions are designed to respond to the critical issues of your industry, namely abrasion, corrosion and adhesion.

We provide you with advanced technologies, with which you can obtain decisive results:

Reduction of production costs

Molds and molding tools are expensive: the useful life of the molds is significantly improved when coated. This, together with shorter cycle times and reduced maintenance frequencies, increases productivity and reduces unit costs.

Reduction of the mold release force

Our coatings reduce adhesion and facilitate the detachment of the molded material both from the fixed part and from the mobile part. This translates into the possibility of reducing or even completely eliminating release agents.

Greater resistance to wear

Highly abrasive filled plastics (glass fiber, pigments) are widely used. Coated molds offer greater wear resistance and last longer, reducing downtime.

Better diffusion of the mixture in the mold

Thanks to their chemical inertia, our coatings improve mold filling (wallslip phenomenon) and reduce injection pressures.

Better quality of molded products

Our solutions improve mold filling, reduce distortion and improve surface finish, consequently components produced with coated molds are of better quality and have fewer rejects.

Easier to clean

Our treatments allow for faster and more effective maintenance given the ease with which it is possible to remove residues.

Green technology

PVD and PaCVD (DLC) coatings are deposited using a vacuum technique. Reagents and waste products have no environmental impact. As a result, our technology is truly green.

Maximum performance and productivity are achieved through the optimization of the entire processing cycle.

Polishing performed on molds and components is a service that can further improve the adhesion characteristics and the detaching effect of the system. There is an optimal roughness level for each type of plastic and rubber. By relying on our specialized department, you can count on high quality standardized processes to obtain optimal surface roughness values ​​(Ra).