The TiCN coating comes from an evolutionary study of the precursor TiN, inheriting the already appreciated qualities and improving some of its features.

In fact, thanks to the introduction of the Carbon (C) within the layer, it was possible to obtain a structure that has a hardness greater than 50% compared to that of TiN.

In consequence to this, the TiCN coating ensures a higher wear resistance.

A further improvement of the TiCN was achieved by developing a “multilayer” (multi-layer) composed of several hundreds of different layers that give better control of structural stress within the coating.

Nevertheless, the final maturation of the TiCN coating was made with the introduction in STS of the new HDP system (High Density Plasma) which can improve the characteristics of this layer, making it even more efficient.

As the TiN, TiCN also complies with FDA (Food and Drugs Administration ) and can then be applied with success in the field of automatic machines dedicated to the processing of tobacco or for the packaging of sugar, pasta or paper processing.

Basic Composition Coating Structure Microhardness (HV 0.05) Coefficient of friction against 100 Cr 6 μm thickness (microns) Deposition Temperature (°C) Max Temperature of use (max ° C) Colour
Titanium carbonitride Multilayer 3.500 0,5 1- 3 350 - 480 350 Pink