The Titanium Nitride better known as TiN, has been on the market for decades and still occupies a position of absolute importance in the panorama of PVD coatings.

TiN has always been a reference in the field of cutting tools, and its properties also arouse much interest in many other fields of application.

The recent development of HDP technology (High Density Plasma) by STS, has allowed to improve the TiN characteristics, creating a layer with a very smooth and compact surface, which can be deposited at low temperatures (150°C).

If you associate these new conditions to the fact that TiN complies with ISO 10993 (biocompatibility) and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), one can easily imagine how this coating turns out to be a good solution in the areas of medical, food industry, automatic machines, racing and mechanical parts.

Basic Composition Coating Structure Microhardness (HV 0.05) Coefficient of friction against 100 Cr 6 μm thickness (microns) Deposition Temperature (°C) Max Temperature of use (max ° C) Colour
Titanium nitride Monolayer 2.200 0,6 1- 4 140 - 480 500 Yellow gold