Company Profile

STS was born in Cellatica (BS) in 1991 from a project build an innovative service center specializing in regeneration of tools and PVD coatings.

Over the years, the good work done and the favorable results obtained from the market were the inspiration to under take new initiatives that have enabled the company to carve out a leading role in the domestic market and to activate new relationship with foreign markets.

Important milestones have been achieved tank to the precious collaboration of prestigious partners users that,taking advantage from the service,have enabled STS to perfect the techniques useful to achieve the best results.

And in fact the prerogative of the company is to promote synergies with the customer in order to encourage the very important exchange of vital information necessary to obtain the maximum and mutal benefit.

This STS “modus operandi” has led to the activation of a R&D department committed to the continuous development of highly performing products,in line with the increasingly demanding market.

In addition to the tooling and molding there are various fields of application to which STS focuses his attention and for which invests in technology and research: especially since the PVD and PACVD have dimostrated their enormous potential in sectors such as automotive, air force, mechanical components, medical and even food industry.

What STS is more proud of, and that is the real engine of the company, is the highly qualified staff of experienced operators and technicians, who together dedicate every effort to ensure an efficient and quick service at top quality.

In fact, thanks to the efforts of all, to the precision and attention with which the production process have always been co-ordinated, it was possible to obtain the ISO 9001-2008 Certification in 2007 and the ISO/TS 16949 in 2013 .

Quality & Certifications

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Research & Development

Sensitive and attentive to technological advances, STS has always invested to equip its centres with the most advanced machines to keep high the quality and the standards of its ...


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