PVD coatings for consumer and luxury goods

Our new Design collection combines the intrinsic characteristics of technical PVD and the artistic charm of decorative PVD, offering truly innovative and sustainable solutions for the Luxury, Automotive, Fashion and Home living markets.

Main benefits

Performance and sustainability

Aesthetics, high surface resistance and low environmental impact are among the main strengths of our PVD treatments.

Quality and uniformity

Our range meets particular uniformity requirements, even in the case of complex geometries.

Great versatility

Technology has made such advances that PVD coatings can be deposited on virtually all types of materials, from metal to plastic, from ceramic to glass. They give color while maintaining the state of the surface unchanged and appreciable.

New solutions for designers and architects

New products come to life from the collaboration of designers, architects and engineers, through a complex design process studied in every detail. Materials, finishes, chromatic and tactile effects of the different components are perfectly integrated.

Surprising, advanced. Our solutions enhance your objects with the result of a unique and elegant product.

Home Living

PVD treatments applied to windows and handles, taps, lamps, cutlery and art objects enrich the home furnishings with style.

Fashion and Luxury

Gold and black are among the most popular colors. Bold and elegant, these colors can instantly add a sense of sophistication and class to a wide range of styles and designs. PVD gold and black coatings are versatile for infinite applications: jewelry, watches, eyewear, bag accessories.

Interior design of cars and other means of transport

New projects focus on style, personalization and multisensory experience through lights, music, screens, materials and colors. Our PVD coatings applied to the details of the doors, dashboard, gearbox or audio system offer new colors and elegant and refined finishes.


Sports accessories must withstand difficult operating conditions: water and salt for nautical activities, mud for outdoor activities, heat and humidity. PVD treatments characterized by high hardness and wear resistance offer an ideal solution for diving knives and accessories, components for sport shooting weapons, golf equipment or gaming components.

Why an STS coating?

Our decorative PVD coatings offer numerous advantages in terms of aesthetics, surface resistance and environmental impact. Thanks to their versatility, tthey’re perfect for a wide range of applications where a high-quality finish is required.

We are able to develop unique colors and create different finishes for a glossy, satin or matt effect. With our team of experts, we provide free high level consulting services.

Green technology

Make your choice meaningful. Minimize your impact.
By relying on our PVD process engineering, you can choose from the most eco-sustainable coatings. Are you looking for a truly green coating solution?

Discover why our technology is “green”