Heat treatments

Heat treatment is of fundamental importance for tools and moulds, and it is also extremely important if other surface treatments such as PVD and DLC coatings have to be done successively. We have the advantage of being able to coordinate both services and offer highly effective integrated solutions.

Our business unit offers the following services:

  • Vacuum hardening and tempering (where better physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics are obtained compared to traditional ovens)
  • Gas nitriding
  • Tempering in oil
  • Bainitic tempering
  • Carburizing and hardening
  • Solubilization
  • Annealing and stress relief

The experience gained in the metallurgical field allows us to manage treatments aimed at different needs (extrusion dies, die-casting moulds, plastic moulds, shearing moulds, etc.).

A process archive is available to all our customers: the data of each charge is recorded in it in order to keep track of the working parameters over time.


We are experts in PVD and PaCVD (DLC) deposition technologies

Our in-vacuum technologies make it possible to create a large variety of compounds, from simple metal depositions to alloys to conductive and insulating compounds. They provide great flexibility and enormous advantages both functionally, thanks to the chemical-physical characteristics of the film itself, and decoratively, thanks to the huge range of colors obtainable. Discover our technologies and their advantages.

PVD technology

PVD HDP technology

PVD Sputtering technology

PaCVD DLC technology

Each sector, with its own needs, requires maximum specificity.

We are the partner who can provide you with outstanding solutions, functional to any type of need as well as aesthetical.

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Green technology

Make your choice meaningful. Minimize your impact. By relying on our PVD process engineering, you can choose from the most eco-sustainable coatings. Are you looking for a truly green coating solution?

Find out why our technology is “green”