Diamond Like Carbon

DLC is an innovative multipurpose coating that exploits two chemical properties of Carbon: the typical hardness of diamond (hence the name Diamond Like Carbon) and the sliding effect of graphite. Thanks to this combination of outstanding properties, DLC is our carbon-based high-tech coating with the widest range of applications.

Diamond (sp3 bond) and graphite (sp2 bond) are natural forms of Carbon with almost opposite properties: thanks to very accurate adjustments, it is possible to produce DLC coatings that are more or less resistant to wear, friction or corrosion.


Properties of DLC treatments 

The main characteristics of a DLC coating vary as a result of the different combinations of the sp2 and sp3 bonds. 

It is possible to create layers of greater surface hardness to obtain an anti-wear barrier, just as it is possible to create structures with tribological properties aimed at reducing friction between surfaces subjected to friction, replacing the use of oils and lubricants.

The compactness and amorphous structure of the DLC layer makes it also an excellent barrier to corrosion against chemical agents.

Other very interesting features explain the success of DLC:

  • Biocompatibility: this feature considerably expands the range of possible applications of DLC coatings in the biomedical sector, in compliance with the EN 10993 standards. In contact with the human body, a DLC layer does not create rejection, does no damage and does not generate allergies. 
  • Food contact: the DLC suitability for direct food contact is certified according to the EN 1935 standard and attested by the prestigious Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 
  • Electrical insulation: thanks to the properties deriving from the sp3 bond (diamond), DLC acts as an electrical insulator.
  • Chromaticity: DLC is appreciated for its elegant black colour combined with anti-scratch properties. It is widely used on watches, knives or other design elements.

Main applications for DLC

DLC is an innovative and versatile coating, which combines excellent wear resistance with its particular self-lubricating capacity. The absolute biocompatibility of the DLC makes it suitable for the most varied applications.

It belongs to the new “coating generation” which not only represents the solution to a specific problem, but a real opportunity for the technical development of a product.

Why should you choose a DLC treatment from STS?

We have developed an extraordinarily effective product and we guarantee the quality and repeatability of the process.

For the deposition we use the PaCVD technology which guarantees excellent adhesion to the substrate and allows deposition processes to be carried out at low temperatures in order not to alter the characteristics of the substrate.

Thanks to a highly qualified staff and our fully equipped R&D laboratory, we are able to analyse and develop dedicated DLC cycles to give you the best possible results out of your coating.

We have developed specific DLC solutions: all have antiwear, antifriction and anticorrosion properties but  DLC PRO offers the best antiwear protection, DLC NOX the best anticorrosion effect, DLC SLIDE the best antifriction property and DLC DECO the best aesthetical black colour.

Different types of coatings. Equally extraordinary.

You will discover sophisticated processing, which will win you over for its ability to give any type of material a coating with perfected characteristics.

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