Nickel plating+PVD/PaCVD

To improve the characteristics of hardness, resistance to corrosion and smoothness of light alloys, we have developed a process that combines chemical nickel plating with PVD/PaCVD treatments. In this way it is possible to obtain a “gradient” effect for the hardness and enhance the characteristics of corrosion resistance and smoothness of the system.

Main characteristics

Hardness gradient

Main benefits

Resistance to abrasion, resistance to corrosion/oxidation and chemical aggression, solution for tribocorrosion/Fretting/Galling phenomena

Dati tecnici


Ni + PVD

Deposition technology

chemical treatment + PVD


10-50 μm + 2-4 μm


900-1000 Hv + 1500-2500 Hv

Friction coeff. against 100 Cr6

0,1 – 0,5

Deposition temp.


Max usage temp.



same as PVD color

All data are intended as guide values. The exact values ​​depend on the respective substrate, geometry and surface finish.

Watch some examples of applications for Nickel plating+PVD/PaCVD coating

Automotive & transport

Engineering & Industry

Packaging & Automation

Aerospace & Defense